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  • Focus on Feedback.

    Area of Learning: Education

    My name is Claire and I would like to start by giving you a very warm welcome. 

    This COOC has been created for students just like you and me. I am currently in my third year of studying. An integral part of my studies has been the feedback and grades which I have received throughout, this has allowed me to reflect and make changes for my future assignments,exams and projects. 

    However I have not always found the written comments to be very useful, and have often been left feeling frustrated at the quality of the feedback. On several occasions I have found myself discussing these points with my peers. 

    Often feedback has been released out of teaching hours, and I have been unable to question it with the tutor. 

    Peers have been able to offer clarity, support and encouragement, as well as giving a good old pat on the back for effort. 

    I want to create a safe space for us students to discuss feedback and grades .... I hope you will engage with the idea and create a peer community.... remembering we can all do this !!

  • Reception curriculum: an early years reading aid

    Area of Learning: Literacy

    Hi, I'm Vic and I'm your course administrator. I am currently finishing my Education degree and have worked for many years in a nursery. I am looking to become a qualified primary school teacher and give what I've been educated with, back to the children of today! The reason for this course is because it's something that has become a recent issue for me and my partner. His little girl has started in reception and has come home with various types of reading books, but we don't know how to teach her to read? Luckily I had some experience from volunteering in schools and working in a nursery, but this made me wonder what about everyone else who has no idea about how this all works? I have recently just had a little boy, and me and my partner want our children to work to the best of their ability, and to do that they need our help too!

    Your child starting reception can be very daunting and cause a lot of confusion for parents who have no previous experience of phonics, reading bands and books with no words in... I know right, how can you read a book with no words?

    We are aware that teachers prepare work shops to help you but with jobs to attend, tea to make and even possibly nappies to change it's hard to find the time! 

    So why not bring the workshops here? This can be your visual get to know guide. Any quires, questions or just general small talk about anything literacy based in regards to a child in reception class, just ask away! You can access this course, any where making it easily accessible at all times! 

    *Please however have a quick read about the ethical guidelines and data protection before posting or responding to any posts. You will find this at the bottom of the course under Ethics and Data Protection*


  • 21st Century Skills

    Area of Learning: Education

    This course will provide you with skills that will enhance your academic assessments.  You will learn how to use CRAP detection, how to network, creative skills using multi-media, referencing guides. 

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Getting involved is all there is to it

Getting involved is all there is to it