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  • Learning Anarchy Through Practise

    Area of Learning: Social Studies


    What did reading that word make you think?

    The word has taken on many negative connotations over the years, provoking a fear response in some. Due in part to the general belief that the word means 'chaos' and 'lawlessness', not everyone is aware of the literal definition in a political sense, never mind the broader application of the theory.

    This course aims to be both a learning resource and a living example of anarchism in action.

  • What are Interactive Essays?

    Area of Learning: Education

    The interactive Essay is an assessment designed for use on a Higher Education course.  It has its roots in a much richer application of thinking and creating, that of web authored tools and approaches. 

    The goal of the interactive Essay is to allow essay writers a much wider approach to their assessment writing.  Rather than using only a word processor and writing for an audience of two or three, the Interactive Essay suggests using animation, video, hyperlinks and image/ sound/ to create. 

    While the usual route for an essay is to have a marker, a moderator and an external examiner the Interactive Essay allows for sharing with a wider range of interested parties.  This might be sector experts, peers, academics and/or any other groups related to the subject.  It gives an opportunity to write for a new audience and an additional set of skills in understanding what writing needs to do to engage an audience. 

    What is created may stay the same as with 'traditional' essays although when writing titles and questions it might be better to reflect that a wide range of approaches can be encountered and used to present.

    This is a course that looks at some examples of Interactive Essays and some background to what can be produced and why.  It will also provide a space to discuss your views and uses and any concerns.

    I hope we can create a community that helps us develop the Interactive Essay as a positive means of engaging creatively with assignments.

  • eLearning for Educators

    Area of Learning: Education


    eLearning for Educators is a course which aims to provide effective professional development through the use of an online delivery model.

    Through my own experiences, I have learnt that the internet is a massive tool for connectivity of people with all and different backgrounds, professions and personalities. The beauty of it creates lots of knowledge and many opportunities to individuals. To benefit from this massive digital tool for knowledge, I hope individuals like yourself can drop by to simply like or comment on any of the ideas presented. Feel free to join and collaborate with many other educators, just remember - you don't need a degree to your name to be an educator, you can simply be anyone with an interest or on a quest for knowledge - either way, your opinions and beliefs matter!

    The purpose of this course is to present potential improvements in teaching practises, display current issues in the Education sector - with primary focus to the UK but discussions of various countries all over the world is also an option, posting tips and tricks for training and future educators, knowledge and techniques for increased student achievements, ALL leading to gains in an educator's content knowledge. Participants in this course will hold the ability to learn and share best practises and instructional resources through interactive communities.

    In a growing era where digital practises for everything including education is beyond prevalent, everywhere you go - everyone holds the ability to open up a page online and learn something new. The biggest advantage for this course is to establish the benefits of the growing online community, and allow various educators with different backgrounds to come together, share and learn of new practises - helping not only them but the students they teach. Therefore, this form or eLearning has become even more accessible and convenient for all participants, as 6/10 of you would be viewing this from your mobile! The useful tool of online access for this course aims to connect many individuals and their materials.

    So feel free to drop by, participation is appreciated and always a benefit for other individuals on the course.

    Much love,


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