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  • The Book Corner

    Area of Learning: Education

    This is a space where book reviews and recommendations can be shared between children, parents and teachers. This course is specifically aimed at primary school aged children. 


    This is not a course.  It is unclear what it is, that will be for you to decide. 

    What it includes is the thesis that I have written (I being Peter Shukie) on my version of what led to the creation of COOCs. 

    This thesis is not finished, but it is ongoing. It has involved many people, and within this thesis these people (including you if you agreed) have been represented as pseudonyms.

    I think it is my interpretation, which has been formed in dialogue with numerous others.

    I will continue to add bits, there are whole chapters missing as I start this first online sharing session.  It is important that this is shared so that you can read, tell me what you think, maybe share work of your own?

    Anyone is welcome, I especially want those of you that have helped share this research to read and respond, it's a story of all of us. 

  • Master Fine Indian Cooking

    Area of Learning: Cooking COOCs

    Join me, for a wonderful experience on how to master fine indian cooking skills and recipes.  

    this course has been designed  for cooks who would like to recreate fine Indian dishes in their own kitchen

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Getting involved is all there is to it

Getting involved is all there is to it